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Leomoon / "Frequency"
Dj SAE 1's Jungle Re-Lick
Topaz Rec TPZ-700

Reviewed by Nasty G :
Here is another of those mysterious bands that appeared in the late 1990s, when there seemed to be an explosion of electronic acts influenced by the likes of Portishead and Everything But The Girl. Leomoon consisted of three members: singer Erin Moran (no, not Joannie from Happy Days), musician and producer Stephen Harris, and DJ Sae 1. Their music is indeed very much like earlier Everything But The Girl, but with a lot more trip hop and lots of samples and scratches thanks to the enigmatic DJ Sae 1. The album was released on the indie American label Topaz, and they managed only one single, "Frequency". It went unnoticed and the three obviously decided not to pursue any further music together. But Stephen Harris was already an established producer and engineer before the group formed, and he has continued as such, working with acts like U2 and Dave Matthews. Erin Moran took on the moniker A Girl Called Eddy and released a highly acclaimed self-titled album in 2004 that harkened back to the 60's soul-pop of Dusty Springfield. She is said to be releasing another album under that moniker this year. As for DJ Sae 1, it is likely he is still involved in music, probably using his real name, whatever that is. But this album, though it encompasses a sound that was then very fresh but is now somewhat dated, still remains a fond tribute to a very particular style and time in music, and it deserves more attention than it received the first time around.

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